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Rule of Threes
May 28, 2009, 8:39 pm
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Three Things I’m Tired of

– Cleaning puppy pee off the floor
Jasmine is getting better at letting us know when she wants to go out, but she’s still a baby and accidents happen. Still – tired of it!

– Work
I am so tired of hating my job and doing nothing about it, ya know? I need to stop talking about doing something about it and actually do it. It’s not just that though. These last two weeks have been very…blah.

– Cool Weather

Now, don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been cold, but it’s been on the cool side the last few days. Bring on the +20°C weather, please!

Three Things I’m Grateful for

– Tile Floors
See #1 above.

– That I have a job
Seriously, there are a lot of layoff going on. Trust me, I of all people know that better then I wish I did. I’ve very lucky to have a job, with plenty of hours, making decent wages. These things are not lost on me, as much as I hate the job.

– Money

This week is a pay week, which is always good, but some other money related things have fallen into place this week too, and that takes a bit of worry off my mind.

Three Things I’m Excited About

– Apple Blossom Festival
It’s this weekend, and it’s always a good time. Fireworks, parade, friends, family, crowds…Awesome. It’s supposed to rain, but that’s ok – I have an umbrella.

– My Brother’s Wedding
It’s still several months away, but I am so excited about it. A trip on an airplane, going somewhere I’ve never been to before, seeing my brother….all great things to be excited about!

See #3 (way) above. Bring on the hot weather! Also, I bought my first air conditioner, so I’m ready for those sticky, unbearable hot days, too.

Feel free to join in!


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